SA fashion brand James Moroeng expands range in 2018

  Author: Elizabeth Kgabane First impressions last and we are always subconsciously aware of this and working towards making our mark in-terms of all our characteristics including our dressing. We also pick various clothing because it’s fun, it sets us apart from our peers, it sends a message and we like the comfortable feel of clothing. James Moroeng shares more on his contributions in the fashion industry and why his customers keeps on coming back. Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself? James:  My name is James Moroeng, designer…

Master small talk in business

  Author: Elizabeth Kgabane   The “weather” has to be the most popular small talk/ice breaking topic of all time, just when you thinking how to start a conversation someone would be conversing about the temperature then boom, we all set to chat about something else. But in networking instances it might require a bit more specific insight and methods to get a constructive business conversation going because business people are usually time conscious and selective with the conversations they have.

Proof that a business plans is essential

Author: Elizabeth Kgabane The wise always say that “if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan”. So in this blog we look at how one may find direction in their career. We go through the dynamics of planning in business with Boitumelo Soke who is the co-founder and CEO of LBJ Energy Solutions (Pty). Learn more about constructing a business plan below.

The art of acquiring more

Author: Elizabeth Kgabane So, every day we all think of how we may develop ourselves and achieve more. A lot of ideas come to mind and the means of achieving some of the goals may seem short. What I have realized is that many people achieve some of their goals after a number of years, while others succeed at the similar set of goals over a short while. Everybody has their time and it is just important for one to recognise their lane and succeed in it

Sade gets real about business

Author: Elizabeth Kgabane  Television personality and photographer puts her cards on the table to share some of her business survival trades. She started pursuing her career at a tender age of three as a catalogue model and carried on to start presenting at the age of seven. The Durban born star continues to succeed in her career in the United Kingdom. For almost 23 years Sade kept on striving on in the industry, as her ability to adapt allowed her to be relevant as an adult as she was as a…

5 reasons why a journal is a must have for everyone

It is no surprise the knowledge that we use journals to note things and that there is a group of people out of all of us who actually own and use one consistently. I prefer a hard copy journal although some people may opt for an electronic means of saving things, either way writing down your goals, plans and achievements is an essential key to progress. Simply because with everything that we take on every day we end up not keeping a detailed note of were we come from, why…

Tina turns it up

  Catching-up with a friend, Tina Charles after some 12 odd months of not seeing each other. She looks as radiant as always, chilling at one of Braamfontein’s restaurants. As I walk in she is calmly starring outside, I get closer and we start catching up. Tins as we like to call her is a graduate from Wits University. And she is pursuing her love for acting and presenting. She loves reading, writing and being involved in performing arts. She has also acquired a qualification in Script Writing from Boston…

Goal Chaser

I am the realist no matter the conditions. I plan,create and conquer what ever i put my mind to, simply because i am the goal chaser. I have started right here in South Africa and i hope to impact the world for the better.Two heads are better than one no doubt, i therefore will be telling many stories of mine and others of many who have walked