Dare to be influential

What if you could make a statement that could impact millions for decades?
What would you say and why?
What do you think the people listening will expect to hear?
This is all about making impressions or being influential, right?
Making that first impression and maintaining a good impression has become increasingly important in our life time, personally and in business, that it affects our communication success if we don’t remain magnetic.
We want to know that we are heard, understood and more so, the feedback from the impressions we make.
We are also a very ambitious generation, we are always seeking to know where these impressions will lead us to.

We move with intention, lol. Let’s look at a meaning: Impression- cause a strong effect on one. In social media platforms an impression is also when your ad/post loads and displays in front of a user, that is one impression.
This impression is also called a view. My analogy of how the “impression” works is that you knocked and the door was open to you, you were identified, whether or not you were invited in that is beside the point, they saw your face and that is enough to spark questions about you and often it leaves a memory relating to something about you.
This analogy also explains what advertisers work towards with their advertising online and on social media. It is also important to crack impressions to increase sales.
Impressions are life guys. Just to unfold more on being influential on Social Media and Public Relations I spoke to specialists in these fields,  Hassan “Sas” M.T. Kaniki and Luka Cremisini founders of Hand Of Sas Holdings. Their company is a one stop Media house providing through-the-line marketing and communications services across Africa.
The two believe this maths is the answer to making an impact, “individual + creative content = rapid influence. Is this true? Well, let’s get to know more on our interview below.
So we caught up firstly with CEO and managing partner of HOS, Sas and this is what he had to say.
Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Sas: I am Hassan “Sas” M.T. Kaniki I am a 27 year old statistician and student actuary, born in Angola and bred in South Africa.  I know numbers and nothing else, I am a huge data fanatic.
I live and breathe numbers. I am the founder and mastermind behind the Hand Of Sas (HOS).
Q: What inspired Hand Of Sas?
Sas: Well Sas is my nickname it was given to me by my close friends after the famous turkish soccer player “Hasan Sas”.
So in 2016 while I was doing my final year, I used to love retweeting people’s posts and as a result their tweets would get a lot of retweets.
Someone then one day acknowledged my retweets saying “ Hand of Sas has a rapid positive impact on tweets”. This inspired me to formulate a more detailed plan of approaching my marketing on social media.
Q: So how did your plan progress?
Sas: I explored a few social media community groups but a lot of them comprised of American members and I wanted a more local network so I started my own broadcasting platform.
In this platforms I would recruit other tweeps and continue assisting brands to amplify their posts on Twitter.
Q: What were the challenges you faced in your broadcasting platform and what inspired you to keep trying?
Sas: Our platform got hacked twice, the first time we got hacked and I had to start over. We got hacked again and started over and renamed it from African deck to Hand Of Sas.
I also beefed up security and we have been growing ever since.
I kept trying when we got hacked because I like solving problems and I have a don’t give up attitude.
I had a strong believe that the had to more to the platform and so I kept trying.
Q: Did you know what to expect when you started your platform?
Sas: Not really. At first I just wanted to gain traction to my personal brand. And I was using my phone or laptop to market my brand.
Q: Which role do you aim to play in the marketing industry?
Sas:  We integrate social media with the business aspect of it.
The proof is in experiencing our services first hand.
We aim to amplify exposure for brands and report on ROI.
Crema brought in this business arm to the organisation and ever since its inception it has worked very well.
Q: How do you keep abreast of this constantly evolving industry?
Sas: We play it by ear and we learn trends because they relate to everyone.
Q: What are some of the HOS highlights?
Sas: We have had the privilege to work with Uyanda Mbuli, AfroPunk and KFC.
Q: How is a typical day at HOS?
Sas: I work with a team of trustworthy and dedicated individuals who support our operations. And the interesting thing is that the HOS team barely meet due to our locations. We are however a fully functional virtual team.
Q: How important is consistency in the marketing industry?
Sas: Maintaining a good reputation helps grow the image of your brand.
Q: How can one ensure that their social media goals align with the higher level business objectives of their brand?
Sas: Good question, as a statistician I’m personally always aiming to balance our business goals with our social media objectives through collecting twitter data analytics and analysing trends in reception and interaction of content and member content.
This allows me to pay attention to the numbers and it results in an improvement in our decision making relating to content, schedule and execution.
Q: Tell us something about your background?
Sas: My approach to business is analytical and always calculated. I check the statistics and figures and take a numerical approach.
Q: Why is Twitter your chosen favourite platform?
Sas: Twitter is fun, it broadcasts news in real-time. And on this platform we always find that the more we are different the more we are the same.
Q: How do we connect with HOS?
Sas: You May drop us an email on info@handofsas.com or contact us on Twitter @HandofSas. Our website is handofsas.com
Part 2:
We also caught up with CFO and managing partner at HOS, Crema.
Q: Tell us about yourself?
Crema: My name is Luka Cremisini also known as Crema. I am a young enterprising individual and the co-founder of Hand Of SAS Holdings, (HOS).
Q: What does the Hand Of Sas do?
Crema: HOS is a digital marketing and communications company that runs a platform open to the public which drastically increases your social media presence and your knowledge of how to exploit these new platforms to your own benefit.
In exchange our members offer their timelines on twitter as ad space for our clients – who pay to be retweeted onto some of the most well-known twitter timelines in Southern Africa.
Q: What attracted you to HOS?
Crema: As you know HOS was inspired by my partner and founder of the brand  Hassan M.T. Kaniki also Known as Sas. He created a hashtag many moons ago called #TheHandOfSas.
If you posted a tweet with the hashtag, Sas would retweet your tweet on to his timeline so you would get more views (Sas was a major Tweleb back then 😂).
The growth of this hashtag was interesting to me.
Q: When did you guys start operating?
Crema: The tag started many moons ago and the business was started on the 1st of February 2017.
Q: How do you assist clients?
Crema: We evaluate our clients previous progress and then instill a plan of action both in terms of content and broadcasting on our ad space in order to reach our KPIs.
We have many different means of correctly packaging and dispersing our clients products on social media.
Q: Define Public Relations and Marketing in this day and age.
Crema: Evolving at a rate almost chaotic, ever changing and dynamic.
Q: What sets HOS apart from the competition?
Crema: Some of our USPs are our ever expanding ad space, filled with thousands of real social media fundies who are all constantly pushing the boundaries of social media influence. And our ground breaking social media marketing campaign engineering.
Q: What skills according to you are necessary for a successful brand, especially on social media platforms?
Crema: Perseverance, dedication and a willingness to learn.
Q: What don’t we know about you?
Crema:  I started off my journey in entrepreneurship as a partner at a record label and I’m Italian.
Q: What do you consider to be important facets of social media?
Crema: Great content and lots of views.
Q: What are some of the tips to enhance one’s Social Media presence?
Crema: I’ll give you only one for free… Join The Hand Of Sas.
Earlier this year the Hand Of Sas conducted a study on a list of best performing Twitter posts in 2017.
The criteria for this study was based on the outstanding amount of likes, retweets and impressions among all the HOS members.
@JustZamore faired very well with one of her posts which received 280k likes, 178k retweets, 511k engagements and 22 million impressions.
@JustZamore also received a like from the official Twitter account on her post which read “I am on Twitter to laugh”.
Hand Of Sas also has a range of pages which assist the community in various ways. These pages includes @HelpFindZa which focuses on raising awareness for missing persons.
@handofsasjobs aims to assist job seekers by posting a range of South African based jobs.
@ModernBlacYouth is a feed for the Modern Black Youth blog which can be found on the HOS website ( handofsas.com ) . The blogs are written by Hand Of Sas members.
@Handofsas page is the main company page and you may follow the #TheHandOfSas for all the new developments at HOS.
@HOSmusicgroup supports unbranded artists.
And @HOS_Fashion highlights all fashion, beauty and lifestyle news.
A few months ago I became acquainted with HOS and I have explored some of their offerings with various campaigns.
I was launching on social media and the simple practices they implemented brought considerable improvements to my campaigns.
I’m impressed with their level of professionalism and understanding of the industry.
Get in touch with these Goal Chasers to experience for yourself.
HOS mission statement says “Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Someone”, it sounds like a clear enough vision. You may get hold of the Goal Chasers at HOS here.
Author: Elizabeth Kgabane

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