Effective Connections

Someone once asked me if I were to walk into a room full of strangers how would I tell where each of them come from in terms of origin.
So, I answered “how I would know it’s by taking a bit of time to listen and observe and look out for those points that may give me a view of where the people come from”.
Things like the language of communication may provide me with an answer.
So, I later met this lady Kelebogile Ramalobela who had these unique jewellery pieces on which caught my attention at an event.
I thought to myself that she is stylish and must probably be a creative. As i got to know her it turned out that she is passionate about all things creative and she makes and sells jewellery.
I also learned that Kelebogile does interior decorations through her company Lebold Lifestyle. So I spoke to Kelebogile about effective connections as I imagined it might be important in her line of business and this is what she had to say…

Kelebogile Ramalobela
Q: Give us a brief overview of who you are and what you do?
Kelebogile: I’m Kelebogile Ramalobela, i am a flexible, open-minded individual and very inclined to learning new trades and techniques to enhance myself.
I am an entrepreneur and I use both my acquired work experience and my qualifications to advance myself in the world.
My motto is life is that you can do anything that another living being can if you put your mind to it.
Q:True and very inspirational. How do you maintain your motivation?
Kelebogile: I live my life by assessing my activities every 6 months to keep track of my goals and milestones.
Pallet Coffee Table
Q: Tell us about your business?
Kelebogile: I am the founder of Lebold Lifestyle and we offer custom decorative, events and fashion solutions.
Crate Wooden Coffee Table
We have more than 5 years of experience in interior designing.
I have a natural passion for all things that requires style. And when friends and family started asking for my assistance in decorating their homes I realized a niche.
So I started the company as Lebold Interiors and further evolved to a lifestyle company as requirements from clients were no longer limited to decorative assistance but that of fashion and leisure.
Q: What is the core of your business?
Kelebogile: Our goal is to tailor make a lifestyle package that reflect our clients style and we pride ourselves on doing everything within  budget.
Pallet TV Stand
Q: What is unique about your offerings?
Kelebogile: We have a step-by-step process that takes each client from formulating their vision and developing their own personal style to outlining the priorities when considering a dream lifestyle.
We pride ourselves in being proudly South African, so we use local and talented people who are highly skilled for fashion, interior decorating, event management and lifestyle. In using local sources however, we never compromise on quality or style.
We at Lebold Lifestyle Creations are: Lebold and the Beautiful. We imprint our brand like a wolf that imprints on a kind.
Lebold Statement Tassels
Q: What does effective connections mean in this age?
Kelebogile: It means being able to communicate information in simple terms and the next person understanding it or proper execution.
Q: Would you say connecting effectively is important?
Kelebogile: Yes it is. We connect for many reasons and it’s important that we stay true to those reasons. If we are connecting for business we need to maximize that.
Q: Why is it important for one to have a relevant close community/ effective connections?
Kelebogile: This assists us to keep loved ones closer, to make business connect worldwide and learn each other’s cultures. To expand our insights and ease struggles.
Q: How has effective connections applied in your personal life?
Kelebogile: It has helped me view everything from a different perspective , analyzing situations  differently as well as thinking out of the box.
Q: How can one go about building a relevant close community?
Kelebogile: Well you may engage with people in your industry and attend networking sessions.
Q: Any closing remarks?
Kelebogile: We need to educate people in our circles about our businesses and where we need support, so we are all in the same page. This way we may have an effective connection because we may get the support we need.
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Connect with the Goal Chasers at Lebold Lifestyle Creations for their work here.
Author:Elizabeth Kgabane

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