Green Scooter revolutionises Ride sharing in SA

Fezile Dhlamini


Social entrepreneur, Fezile Dhlamini uses the African sun as a source of power for his ride sharing business, Green Scooter.

Green Scooter is a South African based company that offers ride-sharing, food delivery and logistics services through its app in South Africa.
The company aims to essentially expand into other parts of Africa.

Dhlamini’s fleet will comprise of Zbees ranging from passengers vehicles, single cargos and lager cargos named Cargo plus. 

Fezile Dhlamini in front of the Zbee Cargo


The Green Scooter cargo is said to be more refined than the other cargo vehicles in the market.
Its attributes includes, comfort, practicality, safety features, swappable battery and a top speed output of 60 kph.

The Green Scooter cargos has more visual appeal and innovative technology compared to its competitors to ensure good ride quality.

Dhlamini says the Green Scooter cargo continues to grow traction in South Africa and it promises to offer a more convenient way of traveling for commuters.

Zbee and Zbee Cargo


Dhlamini’s idea was born in 2015, when he saw that many people were traveling long distances by foot in Richards Bay.

And so, he thought of an idea that uses renewable energy.

After tons of research and planning Dhlamini then registered his business in 2016.

He explains how his work experience helped in this business venture, “I have vast experience in strategic Corporate Communications and I’m self-taught in a range of things which has helped me in business processes for Green Scooter”.

The company has opened subscriptions and is due to officially launch its pilot project in September 2018.

Green Scooter is also set to start commercializing its products in December 2018.

Dhlamini says Green Scooter aims to eradicate unemployment and improve delivery services for small and medium companies.

Dhlamini believes that we should see ourselves as self-starters and we should always push to implement our ideas.

Green Scooter has opened their subscriptions website, learn more about them here.


Author: Elizabeth Kgabane

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