Mobile phones and workplace productivity


You can literally do multiple things on your mobile phone while saving battery life, data and time thanks to the improving technology. With music playing on the background while you are catching up on your emails and checking your instant messages, life could not be better honestly. From there,  you can just swiftly carry on to read the latest news on your search engines comfortably, while on a call to a supplier or associate, it’s just all the more far personal for me. It honestly adds on to making work not feel like work and more of a creative space to express one’s abilities freely. This outcome might vary depending on the nature of your job, as other professionals in IT and auditing use more technical systems. But as technology switches up and things like virtual class rooms, device merger, video calls and instant messaging becomes popular, mobile phones can really become our best way to maximize our work performance.

Some may argue that mobile devices can be a huge distraction as oppose to the desktop, as others may be tempted to do their personal things with notifications popping up on their screens. Notifications can be switched off and the reality is that many smartphones already function similar to the desktop these days. And a lot of us are already doing a lot of our work, like writing, researching, recordings and many other things on it. Some entrepreneurs basically even run their businesses on their smartphones. So, 2018 has seen some the best smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei, which features that aim to simplify the user experience with every new release. There has been speculation over the years that smartphones are due to take over from desktops, could 2018 be the year where we see this significant change?

Smartphones continue to make connecting easy and give us computing power in the palm of our hands. What smart phones are doing is really commendable, let’s look at two of my absolute favorite functions below.

  • Device merger:  

Apart from the fact that most smartphones pack a mega house of great camera, a Wi-Fi hot spot setting, calendar, wallet and other functions, you can also connect your watch to it.

  •  Limitless Applications:

There are apps for almost everything from, health, education, banking, ride sharing, food ordering and others.


After the hashtag data must fall trended on social media for the most parts of 2017, there has been an increase in data specials and people are moving to managing their data effectively. The use of data on smartphones can be managed easily, by switching off un-used apps, notifications and auto-download among other things. And service providers, the likes of MTN, Telkom, Cell C and Vodacom have heed the call to provide affordable data for everyone. Largely, mobiles phones can indeed do more for business.


Author:Elizabeth Kgabane

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