SA fashion brand James Moroeng expands range in 2018

James Moroeng


Author: Elizabeth Kgabane
First impressions last and we are always subconsciously aware of this and working towards making our mark in-terms of all our characteristics including our dressing. We also pick various clothing because it’s fun, it sets us apart from our peers, it sends a message and we like the comfortable feel of clothing. James Moroeng shares more on his contributions in the fashion industry and why his customers keeps on coming back.
Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself?
James:  My name is James Moroeng, designer and visionary who makes people’s design dreams come true through the perfect fit, therefore making them believe in themselves even more. My business is called James Presents.
James Presents
Q: What services do you offer at James Presents?
James: I offer custom made clothing and retail training services and I have Ready to wear coming in 2018!
Q: How did the idea of designing come about?
James: I was unable to complete my degree at Wits University and something in my head (I believe it was God) said I should cut up some t-shirts and make them new from that point one design lead to the next.


James Presents


Q: So, what was your mission at the outset?
James: After the T-shirts I became more curious to learn how to create garments and initially that had been my mission. A year into my Fashion Degree studies, my mission changed, I started looking at a bigger picture that speaks to the reason why people purchase clothing and I wanted to make people feel more confident through my work.
Q: Why do customers stay or do repeat business with you?
James: I believe my retail background, my understanding of personalities and my design approach approve the reasons why they keep coming back and for that I’m grateful.
James Moroeng
Q: What are the highlights of your career this far?
James: News about my designs have spread continuously through word of mouth and this has created incredible marketing for my business. I was a contestant on a Fashion Design competition called Raw Silk which aired on SABC1, this also helped a lot in terms of garnering more clients effortlessly.
James Presents
Q: What is the most challenging thing you have faced in your business and how did you overcome it?
James: Try not being able to make rent and it’s your birthday month! Make sure you speak when you’re in trouble but also make it a point to plan way in advance because some months aren’t like others!
James Presents
Q: To what do you attribute your success?
James: A family that prays for me and a small circle of genuine friends who tell me the truth.
James Presents
Q: Lastly, do you have any word of advice for other goal chasers?
James: Get it right the first time or don’t bother.
James Presents

Get hold of James Moroeng on Twitter and Instagram: @James.Moroeng or WhatsApp: 0720867127.

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