Women’s influence and leadership event

Pamper Session
                                                                            Pamper Session

An extravagant women’s month celebration hosted by Leadership 2020 empowered women through real networks. Leadership2020 is an organisation lead by DJ Sbu, designed to empower and change young lives. They do this through incubating and equipping South African youth with the relevant tools.  Leadership2020 hosts various events sharing tips and strategies for becoming successful. The events are held across South Africa to empower those looking to increase their net worth. This women’s month, Leadership2020 set up at the Clico hotel . In the north of Johannesburg. The intimate event started with a fun mix of massages, manicures and make-up dos. Later, author Timothy Maurice Webster who was the MC lead the speaker’s session. Webster explained that through his collaboration with Leadership2020 he wanted an impactful event.  Webster also encouraged the women to network at the event. The event’s theme was Women’s influence and leadership. The headline speaker was Transformational specialist and author DR Toni Luck. Colleague speakers also included TV and Radio personality Criselda Dududmashe and Turnaround Strategist Charlene Deacon. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Tshepiso Phosa as well as serial entrepreneur Sbu Leope also joined the panel.



Highlights of the event

Some of the highlights of the event included motivation, three course meal, wine tasting, pampering and panel discussions. And, as the event was centered strongly on giving the women a life changing experience there was a constant check by Webster. DR Toni Luck encouraged the women to be persistent with their goals. And to seek wisdom from religious women like Mary, Ruth and Ester. DR Luck spoke against the over use of cell phones and urged the women to be aware that phones do not consume their lives. She also emphasised the importance of women teaching their sons self-control and respect for women.


Tips from other speakers

Criselda Dududmashe

  • “Avail yourself for your purpose”.
  • “Do the things that you are called for regardless of whether you feel the world is ready”.

Tshepiso Phosa

  • “Always prepare yourself when you pursue your opportunities”.
  • “Come up with ideas to improve the environment you are in”.

Charlene Deacon

  • “Say what you mean and mean what you say”.
  • “Don’t assume that you know, seek the truth.”

DJ Sbu Leaope

  • “Read and be on a consistent journey to empower yourself”.
  • “Know what you want and follow your purpose”.


Liz Ogumbo Red And White wine
                                                             Liz Ogumbo Red And White wine


Wine Tasting

Business mogul Liz Ogumbo Regisford talked us through her wines. Regisford is an established a music artist, fashion designer, radio and television personality and wine seller. Regisford launched her two wines last year. The two wines are called Liz Ogumbo Msenangu 2017 and Liz Ogumbo Mon Homme 2013. The wines are Cheninblanc/chardonway blend and Pinotage respectively. She named the wines from two songs from her latest album KenSoul The Lotus Chapter as she says they inspired her music. Regisford received positive feedback about the wines from the women. Purchase your bottle here.

The event was summed up with a networking session and photo taking with the speakers.


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